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Kabardino-Balkaria. Tonya is a bus driver on the outskirts of Nalchik. She is looking forward to the return of her son, who left to fight on a contract basis in Syria in a private military company. When Tonya is informed that her son has been killed, she refuses to believe it. Alone, Tonya begins an exhausting struggle, demanding that her son be returned to her. But suddenly a young man appears on the threshold of her apartment.
The documentary "Zakura" is the story of a real-life Bedouin girl Zakura and her father Arafat, who live in the Wadi Qelt valley on the border of Israel and the Palestinian Authority. Despite the fact that their home is close to civilization, her family follows the ancient traditions of the Bedouin society.
Everyone has a secret. Mom left, an unfamiliar woman is sleeping on the children's bed. A scary man is hiding in the house, FBI agents are prowling around. It looks like the world is going crazy, and you have a birthday in a couple of days! The story of the growing up of two sisters against the backdrop of events that took place in New York after the September 11 attacks.
Minsk, August 2020. A young married couple, Pasha and Yulia, leave their house at night and find themselves in the midst of peaceful protests. An everyday walk turns into a real hell, in which innocent people become victims of the arbitrariness of the Belarusian police.
playhouse.tlv team
  • Julia Margulis
    Theater and film actress, founder of the playhouse tlv production center.
  • Igal Margulis
    Co-founder, general producer
    Entrepreneur, investor, founder of the Israeli business community Margulis Business Club, co-founder and general producer of playhouse tlv.
  • Maxim Vitorgan
    Strategic partner
    Actor, director, screenwriter, producer, strategic partner of playhouse tlv.
  • Savva Saveliev
    Initiative group
    Director, artist, playwright, member of the playhouse tlv initiative group.
  • Evgeny Starobinets
    Line Producer
    Film producer, line producer at playhouse tlv.
  • Evgeny Kazachkov
    Initiative group
    Playwright, screenwriter, teacher, creative director, member of the playhouse tlv initiative group.